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Abba Shampoo
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Abba Products
Abba Hair Care Products
Abba Hair Care
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Abba Shampoo
Color Protect Shampoo
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Abba Hair Products
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Abba Hair
Abba Products
Abba Shampoo
Abba Hair Care
Abba Hair Care Products
Abba Conditioner
Abba Hair Products
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abba hair products
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Abba is 100% Vegan --- Using Herbaltherapy, Abba blends fruit, herbs, flowers, leaves roots & stems unlocking the power of the whole plant to restore strengthen and condition your hair.

Comparison Chart or this is what It was (old name) this is what they call it now (new name)

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Abba Shampoo

ABBA former name

ABBA present name click on name to order

Complete Shampoo & Pure Basic Shampoo

Pure Daily Shampoo 
NO Longer Available - the company stopped making this shampoo
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Roffler Neutralizer Shampoo

Creme-Moist® Shampoo

Pure Color Protect Shampoo

Moisture Scentsation Shampoo

Pure Moisture Shampoo

Moisture Sensation Shampoo Pure Moisture Shampoo
Molasses Purifier Shampoo Pure Detox Shampoo
Nourishing Shampoo Pure Gentle Shampoo
ABBA true shine Shampoo  
ABBA true curls Shampoo  
ABBA Volumizing Shampoo Pure Volume Shampoo

Abba Conditioner

ABBA former name

ABBA present name

ABBA Complete Detangler  
ABBA Creme Masque Conditioner Pure Color Protect Conditioner
ABBA Moisture Scentsation Conditioner Pure Moisture Conditioner
ABBA Moisture Sensation Conditioner Pure Moisture Conditioner
ABBA Nourishing Leave-On Conditioner Pure Gentle Conditioner
ABBA Recoup© Conditioner Pure Recovery Conditioner
ABBA Thickening Conditioner Pure Volume Conditioner
ABBA True Curls Conditioner Pure Curl Conditioner
ABBA True Curls Activating Tonic Pure Curl Finish goes on dry hair - like a hair spray 
Pure Curl Prep   goes on wet hair - for reforming curl
ABBA True Shine Conditioner  
ABBA TruMint Conditioner  

Abba Styling Aids

ABBA former name

ABBA present name

ABBA Bodifying Tonic  
ABBA Botz  
ABBA Forming Polish  
ABBA Gel-Lotion Pure Volume Gel
ABBA Gelsential Pure Style Gel
ABBA InShape  
ABBA Instant Recall Pure Curl Finish goes on dry hair - like a hair spray 
Pure Curl Prep   goes on wet hair - for reforming curl
ABBA Mica  
ABBA Pomade Pure Texturizing Cream
ABBA Sets Pure Thermal Protect Spray
ABBA Straightening Balm  
ABBA True Shine  Elixir  
ABBA UpLift  
ABBA Weightless Styling Gel Pure Finish Gel

Abba Hair Spray

ABBA former name

ABBA present name

ABBA AirFrame Firm Finish Hair Spray aerosol
ABBA Botanical Finish  
ABBA Exacting Hair Spray Pure Styling Spray
ABBA ZeroScent® Pure Finishing Spray

 ABBA Hair Products including , Abba moisture sensation conditioner and ABBA Shampoo are all High Performance, Abba Natural and Pure  hair care products. Abba products are 100% Vegan (no animal ingredients). Abba hair care products uses botanicals as primary ingredients and are Cruelty-Free (no animal testing). Abba hair care starts with Abba shampoo and conditioner. But Abba shampoo and conditioner are just getting you started so be sure to reinforce your style with Abba Styling Aids and Abba HairSpray.

Years ago ABBA heard you, along with other consumers, requesting hair care products free of animal ingredients and animal testing. Abba introduced  Abba Pure and Natural Hair Care Products, answering the demands made by you and other "concerned consumers." Now  you have the ability to use the finest 100% Vegan, Natural and Pure  products... from ABBA.


Abba defines Herbaltherapy as the utilization of the whole plant or flower. The ABBA Company uses botanicals as primary ingredients in their product formulations. Abba's herbaltherapy increases the product performance while it strengthens, moisturizes and restores your hair. ABBA's number one ingredient is herbaltherapy. Producing highly concentrated, pure products, ABBA the company gives each product its own unique blend of herbaltherapy botanical extracts designed to support the specific functions of that product, to better nurture your hair.


Abba defines Aromatherapy as the use of pure essential oils to create a positive sense of well-being. Essential oils used to make specific fragrances for each  of ABBA's hair products. The Essential Oils are:

  • Found from sources around the World
  • taken from from Renewable Resources (like plants)
  • Harvested by local People

Abba divides the Aromatherapy fragrance blends used in ABBA Hair Products into the following general categories:

  • Calming:  Fragrances used for their soothing effects to reduce stress

  • Energizing:  Fragrances used to stimulate or invigorate - (pick me ups)

  • Balancing:  Fragrances designed to reduce emotion extremes & mood changes

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