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Tri-Molecular formula replaces Wheat with Quinoa.To become Gluten Free
(also see Wheat Free / Gluten Free)

The Abba Hair Care Products Company, was one of the first to answer the demands of consumers who wanted hair care products free of animal ingredients and animal testing. As an industry pioneer ABBA developed its own plant based, Pure and Natural Hair Care Product to meet the demands of concerned consumers. Today, you can still have these fine 100% Vegan, hair products.
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Herbaltherapy, as defined by the makers of Abba Hair Care Products, is the utilization of the whole plant or flower to benefit your hair. ABBA, the company, uses plants as primary ingredients in each Abba formulations. Abbas' Herbaltherapy both increases the performance while it strengthens, moisturizes & restores your hair.  Each ABBA Product has its own unique blend of plant extracts designed to support your hair.

Tri-Molecular Protein

To make protein smaller you Hydrolyze it. The idea is really straight forward - if you don't make the proteins small enough they can't get into your hair to do anything - that is to say proteins that are too big just stay on the surface or top of your hair until you shampoo them off. Once Hydrolyzed, protein becomes small enough to enter and help your hair.

The makers of Abba Hair Care Product uses a Tri-Molecular Protein System that has the ability to penetrate, repair & target the needs of all three layers (cuticle, cortex and medulla) of your hair. This product design can result in exceptional tensile strength, and improved elasticity, without weighing down your hair.  For those technically inclined Abba's literature shows the following technical molecular weight break down.

  • ABBA's Human Hair Keratin is broken down to the - 150 mw - level so it can targets and repairs the innermost layers of your hair
  • ABBA's Soy Protein is broken down to the  - 1000 mw - level so it will targets and repairs the cortical fibers of your hair
  • ABBA's Wheat Proteins are broken down into the - 2000 mw - range to targets, repairs and protects the cuticle layers of your hair
  • ABBA has now replaced their wheat protein with Quinoa Protien combined with other ingredients to make the Abba ProQuinoa ComplexFormulation.


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