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ABBA Natural and Pure  Hair Care Products, 
100% Vegan,  (made from plants). ABBA is "Natural and Pure  hair care" because ABBA is utilizes the whole plant or flower. All the ABBA Product have their own individualized blend of botanical extracts to support and improve your hair. Abba derives its fragrance by using pure essential oils.
100% Vegan
Sulfate Free
Free of Synthetic Dyes
DEA Free

To make protein smaller you Hydrolyze it. The idea is really straight forward - if you don't make the proteins small enough they can't get into your hair to do anything - that is to say proteins that are too big just stay on the surface or top of your hair, where they wait - doing nothing, until you shampoo them off. Once Hydrolyzed, protein becomes small enough to enter the hair shamft and help your hair.

ABBA Products including , Abba moisture sensation conditioner and ABBA  Shampoo are all High Performance, Abba Natural and Pure hair care products. Abba products are 100% Vegan (no animal ingredients). Abba hair care products uses botanicals as primary ingredients and are Cruelty-Free (no animal testing). Abba hair care starts with Abba shampoo and ABBA conditioner. But Abba shampoo and conditioner are just getting you started so be sure to reinforce your style with Abba Styling Aids and Abba Hair Spray.

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