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ABBA Pure Shampoo

| Color Protect Shampoo | Detox Shampoo | Gentle Shampoo |
| Moisture Shampoo | Volume Shampoo

ABBA Pure Color Protect Shampoo

ABBA Pure Color Protect Shampoo
was called Creme Moist Shampoo

ABBA Pure Color Protect Shampoo fills hair with strength, keeps color in place and adds the purest conditioning agents to keep raspy hair smooth. Step under the shower and breathe in the calming simple pleasure of cherry bark, sweet almond and berry. Pure Color Protect Shampoo is for chemically treated hair.


ABBA Pure Moisture ShampooABBA Pure Moisture Shampoo
was called Moisture Scentsation Shampoo

ABBA Pure Moisture Shampoo is for moisture starved hair, dry hair and dry scalp. Humectants lock in moisture, eliminating frizzy fly away hair while making your hair manageable and giving it a healthy shine.




ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo

ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo
was called Molasses Purifier Shampoo

ABBA Pure Detox Shampoo removes impurities, minerals and build-up from hard water, chlorine and styling product build-up.

ABBA Pure Gentle Shampoo

ABBA Pure Gentle Shampoo
was called Nourishing Shampoo

ABBA Pure Gentle Shampoo is a soothing herbal therapy blend featuring extracts of aloe and watercress. This shampoo is an ideal choice for sensitive skin and scalp. The gentle sulfate free formula ensures silky, shiny hair, whether your hair is natural or color treated.


ABBA Pure Volume Shampoo

ABBA Pure Volume Shampoo
was called Volumizing Shampoo

ABBA Pure Volume Shampoo is an energizing cleanser for fine, limp hair. Natural henna gives hair fullness and shine, while essence of grapefruit and citrus energize your senses. Pure Volume Shampoo actually increases the diameter of the hair shaft! Lift your hair to new heights with this extraordinary cationic cleansing system.



ABBA Pure Conditioners

| Color Protect Conditioner | Moisture Conditioner | Gentle Conditioner |
| Recovery Conditioner | Volume Conditioner |

ABBA Color Protect Conditioner

ABBA Color Protect Conditioner
was called Creme Masque Conditioner

ABBA Color Protect Conditioner is for fragile, severely damaged or dehydrated hair. This shampoo soothes your hair cuticles and works to repair damage while infusing vitality, condition and shine instantly. Use this intensive revitalizing treatment every other week to restore life to dull, fragile or lifeless hair.



ABBA Pure Moisture Conditioner

ABBA Pure Moisture Conditioner
was Moisture Scentsation Conditioner

ABBA Pure Moisture Conditioner is a two minute re-moisturizer. Pure Moisture's herbal therapy creme formula leaves hair detangle and feather-light with lasting body, volume and a minty-fresh aroma. Stimulate the scalp and sense with unforgettable extracts of eucalyptus, peppermint and geranium. Use daily for intese moisturization on dry, parched hair.


ABBA Pure Gentle Conditioner

ABBA Pure Gentle Conditioner
was called Nourishing Conditioner

ABBA Pure Gentle Conditioner is a leave in/on moisturizer for hair and skin that gives control to coarse, curly and frizzy hair. The cherry bark and passion flower formula will moisturize skin as well as hair.

This is our #1 Best Repeat selling product for folks with curly hair!



ABBA Pure Recovery Conditioner

ABBA Pure Recovery Conditioner
was called Recoup Conditioner

ABBA Pure Recovery Conditioner contains proteins that rebuild hair from the inside-out for added strength and manageability. Calm your hair and senses with extracts of lavender and juniper. A must for chemically treated hair. Use twice a week to provide protein replenishment for weak, fragile hair or chemically treated hair.



ABBA Pure Volume Conditioner

ABBA Pure Volume Conditioner
was called Thickening Conditioner

ABBA Pure Volume Conditioner actually increases the diameter of hair, adding thickness, fullness and an exotic texture. Pure Volume Conditioner plumps, controls static, adds shine and teases the sense with grapefruit, orange and peppermint.



ABBA Pure Styling Aids

     new Volumizing Root Spray
     new Texturizing Cream Gel
     new Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion
Gel-Lotion is now Volume Gel
Gelsential is now Style Gel
Shine Elixer is now Shine Drops
True Curls Activating Tonic is now Curl Prep
Weightless Gel is now Finish Gel
Sets is now Thermal Protect
Instant Recall is now Curl Finish
Pomade is now Pure Pomade
Mica is now Shine Spray

ABBA Pure Volume Gel

ABBA Pure Volume Gel
was called Gel-Lotion

ABBA Pure Volume Gel is a maximum support styling gel that gives you an ultra-firm hold that never flakes or leaves a sticky residue. This is an alcohol free gel that adds strong texture, controls frizz, builds volume and locks in shine. The lightweight, liquid texture is enhanced by balancing essences of melon and bergamot.


abba smoothing blow dry lotion

ABBA Pure Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion

ABBA Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion Serum for Smooth, Shiny Hair

  • 1st step to achieve as sleek finish with radiant shine
  • proteins smooth cuticle & improve brush glide while protecting from the heat & UVB damage
  • leaves hair polished and frizz free




abba volumizing root spray

ABBA  Volumizing Root Spray

ABBA Volumizing Root Spray

  • Gives lifeless limp hair a boost
  • Hair is plumped and thickened at the root for maximum fullness and body
  • Protects hair from heat styling while adding beautiful shine and intense volume
  • Ideal for fine or thin hair or for styles that need a boost



ABBA Pure Style Gel

ABBA Pure Style Gel
was called Gelsential
ABBA Pure Style Gel is a volumizing gel for fuller, thicker, shinier hair that works well on fine, limp, lifeless hair and holds firmly all day.




ABBA Pure Pomade

ABBA Pure Pomade
was called Abba Pomade

ABBA Pure Pomade defines and texturizes with avocado-lipids that created hold, anti-humectants that eliminate frizz and mica that adds shine. Use to texturize, separate and smooth hair with just a touch without adding weight to your hair. Contains extracts of rose, jasmine and citrus that provide a sensational finish.

Try Texturizing Cream

ABBA Pure Curl Prep

ABBA Pure Curl Prep
was called True Curls Activating Tonic

ABBA Pure Curl Prep restores shine and curl pattern to dry hair. Activating tonic conditions and shapes curls without stiffness or added weight. Pure Curl Prep is for both naturally curly and permed hair.



ABBA Pure Finish Gel

ABBA Pure Finish Gel
was called Weightless Gel

ABBA Pure Finish Gel is an ultra hold styling gel that has an energizing base of grapefruit, orange and peppermint to elevate your locks and hold your style effortlessly for the entire day.




ABBA Pure Pomade

ABBA Pure Texturizing Cream

Nourishes and restores shine with extra texture Shinier Hair

ABBA Pure Thermal Protect

ABBA Pure Thermal Protect
was called Sets

ABBA Pure Thermal Protect is a thermal styling spray for use with heated styling tools, such as curling and straightening irons. This is a volumizing spray gel that maximizes curling power while locking in style and protecting your hair from heat.




ABBA Pure Curl Finish

ABBA Pure Curl Finish
was called Instant Recall

ABBA Pure Curl Finish is a curl activator spray gel with low pH to bring back your curls and give you long lasting hold.




ABBA Pure Hair Sprays

 | New Firm Hold Hair Spray |  Exacting Spray is now Styling Spray |
| ZeroScent is now  Finish Spray |

ABBA Pure Styling Spray

ABBA Pure Styling Spray
was called Exacting Spray

ABBA Pure Styling Spray is an unscented, firm-hold hair spray. This flexible hair spray is eco-friendly and can be reactivated with heat or water. Use on damp or dry hair fro brushable, humidity resistant hold.




ABBA Pure Finish Spray

ABBA Pure Finish Spray
was called ZeroScent

ABBA Pure Finish Spray is a medium-hold working hair spray. Use on damp or dry hair for brushable, humidity-resistant hold. Pure Finish Spray creates a firm hold and has no fragrance.




abba firm hold hair spray

ABBA Pure Firm Hold Hair Spray

ABBA Firm Hold Hair Spray

Firm-Hold  Hair Spray: a finishing spray for lasting hold. Nourishing, volumize and protect against free radicals - eco friendly finishing spray - firm, yet flexible, buildable hold - great for shaping or creating any style - for all hair types and styles




ABBA Pumps
Liter Pump  Gallon Pump

ABBA Liter Pump

ABBA Liter Pump

Liter pumps!

ABBA Gallon PumpABBA Gallon Pump

Gallen pumps


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