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Rush Orders

Hair Products

RUSH ORDERS:  Special rush handling and Air Shipments - use this ---> Rush Order Email link

Please keep in mind that we work Tuesday through Saturday, Mountain Time.  

If you have to have an order we go out of our way to get it to you. However if you order and there is a glitch in the system (for example ..we don't get your order,... or ... it is delayed, ... or you order after hours) We will not know unless you call!

Naturally you will be billed for any additional cost incurred at your request.

So, please call and tell us when you want your order sent by Air, or need your order before a deadline!

Sometimes we can send it to your destination so you can get it there. Other times, after UPS is closed, Greyhound express may able to get it to you sooner than waiting for UPS to re-open!

Please be aware that shippers occasionally have problems too. Even if we get your order to the shipper, their system may not always get your package to you at the time they say they will. So allow a little extra time whenever possible.

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